International Hindi Association - TN Chapter Team 2024

Executive Committee

Executive committee consists of President, Vice President and General Secretary.

Pooja Srivastava


Seema verma

Vice President
Sachin Garg

Sachin Garg

General Secretary

Event Planning Committee

Kartika Paliwal

Nisha Garg

Prerna Sharma

Preeti Gajjr

Marketing Committee

Mukta Sharma

Nidhi Agarwal

Shweta Saini

Shruti Agarwal

Hospitality Committee

Drishti Mirpuri

Komal Joshi

Rita Shanker

Tarun Saini

Functional Committee

Garima Saxena

Mukesh Saini

Ranesh Tiwari​

Pooja Srivastava

Pooja’s roots are in northern India but Nashville has been her home for the last 15 years. Her heart belongs to Indian Literature and music. Pooja is an avid reader and grew up with books. Today she is a renowned storyteller in US as well as a successful radio performer. She presents a Bollywood retro melodies program called Desi Zaika, which is aired twice a month on Radio Free Nashville. She is known for her exquisite presentation skills and hosts many live programs often. She is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and frequently give stage performances. She works with different organizations to promote Hindi literature in states. Her research and personal experience with audiobooks played an important role in this project.

Originally from Kanpur and settled in Tennessee, USA for the past 15 years is the soul behind
the vast collection housed in Gaatha servers. She has never let go of her roots and has a
special place in her heart for Indian Literature. Having painstakingly compiled the best of the
prose for Kahaani, she is the co-founder of Gaatha.

Pooja has been awarded 4th runner-up Entrepreneur in Tie Woman International Business Plan Competition in 2020 for her venture “Gaatha”

Pooja is also a skillful and dynamic mathematics professional with strengths in achieving
comprehensive analysis and introducing innovative solutions. Her Superior communication
and collaboration skills with customers, vendors, and executive management help to clarify
and unite goals. She has a good command of Translating data into meaningful numbers and
communicating them to businesses which helps in decision-making.

Pooja has worked in various organizations in the capacity of the data analyst. She owns a
Master’s Degree in Mathematics from Kanpur University. Pooja is also associated with
International Hindi Association and currently owns the responsibility of President of
Tennessee Chapter of International Hindi Association.

Seema verma

Seema was born in Haridwar and moved to Nashville in the last 5 years. She has keen interest in Hindi literature, songs and reciting Poetry. She is regular on her Yoga practice and a forever dance learner. She is getting trained in Kathak and frequently teaches kids for stage performances.
2nd runner up in Tennessee Mrs Bharat 2022 and won Talent award for her Kathak representation.

Seema has worked in various organizations in software field. She holds a degree of 
Bachelor of Technology in IT from UP Tech University. She is skilled in IT solution designing, management and collaboration.

Seema lives in Franklin, Tennessee with her husband Raman Verma and two lovely daughters “Sharvi”(9yrs) and “Rishvie”(3yrs)
She got associated with
International Hindi Association with these thoughts expressed in her own words –
“Few years ago when I was in India, I never thought of working in this zone of Hindi. When I moved here in a few years I felt there is a need to add the support and join hands for spreading Hindi knowledge and awareness, it brings people close, builds a supportive knowledge seeking community. There is so much wisdom lying in our literature which I would love to pass on. 
I don’t want this love for Hindi and the ability to interact, read and seek knowledge end with our generations here. I want to be able to bring the joy of knowing the language and culture to our next generation. This will make them connect and relate to their parents and to their grandparents.“

Sachin Garg

Sachin Garg

मैं कुरुक्षेत्र, हरियाणा का रहने वाला हूँ। मैं २०१६ में भारत से यूनाइटेड स्टेट्स ऑफ़ अमेरिका आया था और तब से यहीं रह रहा हूं। वर्तमान में मैं अपनी अर्धांगिनी निशाऔर पुत्र अथर्व के साथ नैशविल, टेनेसी में रहता हूँ।

मैं एक सीनियर प्रोजेक्ट मैनेजर हूं और हूकसेट, न्यू हैम्पशायर स्थित कंपनी मर्चेंट्स फ्लीट के लिए कार्य करता हूँ।

कार्यालय से बाहर के कार्यों के लिए मैं अधिकांशतः हिंदी में ही संवाद करता हूं। मैं अपने बेटे को घर पर हिंदी बोलने के लिए प्रेरित करता रहता हूँ। मेरा प्रयास रहता है कि जहां तक संभव हो सके हिंदी का ही उपयोग करूँ।